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Feverbook (FB) is an exploration of archival theory, most notably Jacques Derrida’s theory of the archive put forth in Archive Fever. In this project, we combine practices of critical making and reflective design to consider Facebook as a form of archive. In doing so, FB identifies novel affordances of massively multi-user digital archives and begins to address the extent to which a social networking site (SNS) like Facebook might constitute a form that evolves beyond the traditional institutional archive.

In addition to traditional scholarly outputs, such as papers and conference materials, the FB project will result in two interactive artifacts: an exhibit to be housed in the EVOKE Lab and Studio; and 2) a webpage. Both artifacts afford guests the ability to explore the archival effects of Derridean concepts by navigating through a fictive Facebook profile, created through the collection and analysis of qualitative data (e.g., interviews, Facebook profile content).

Feverbook Project Team:

  • John Seberger
  • Caitie Lustig
  • Cory Knobel
  • Geof Bowker
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