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What We Are


What do we do at EVOKE Lab & Studio? 

We start with an eye toward social issues and concerns, and integrate social theory, art, computer science, and design to create new technologies and artifacts that evoke thought, debate, discussion, and consideration of a more harmonious mediated world. Our projects range from small experiments with new innovations to large-scale studies on major issues like “big data”, privacy, social justice, and self-exploration through technology. We are an open community of interdisciplinary scholars and designers who have fun, learn, and grow together, and are always looking for more fellow travelers!

Where do we work?

We are located at the UC-Irvine campus in the Calit2 Building. While our research work takes us everywhere, and our field sites are varied and far-flung, much of our work takes place in the EVOKE Lab & Studio itself. Our Design Lab is modeled after the workflow of the User Experience (UX) design process, taking ideas from inception to formal design specs. When it’s time to start building, projects shift into the larger, adjacent Studio space where we move from idea to physical reality. See below for more details on what we have in the Lab & Studio.




Come Join Us


Workshops & Special Events

In the EVOKE Lab & Studio, we frequently put on workshops related to design, computing, social theory, etc. Sometimes it’ll be a skills workshop, other times a gaming session, reading group, or interesting speaker series. Often, the event will be in the EVOKE Lab, but sometimes we also have events at other locations. Keep an eye on our upcoming events and join us!

Day-to-Day Happenings

The Lab & Studio are in constant activity with faculty and students working on projects, meeting, studying, and doing what we all do. We’re not a secret society, so if the door is open, come on in. Drop in anytime to see what’s going on!




And Our




Viewing the World through Technology’s Eyes

Overlooking a recent technology article on BBC news (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24332358), I read about how a Japanese research lab is developing a system to allow users (via augemnted reality) to be able to see the translation of writing in the environment. Naturally, its intended application is to allowing users to see the their foreign surroundings in a […]

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