Karen Tanenbaum

Karen Tanenbaum is a Project Scientist with the Department of Informatics and the Director of the Evoke Lab. Her research explores tangible and ubiquitous computing paradigms and the application of artificial intelligence techniques to interactive storytelling and game design. She also studies Maker/DIY and Steampunk cultures, with a particular emphasis on their role in STEM education and the way they function as design fictions for possible alternative relationships to technology. She is also the co-Founder of the Transformative Play Lab at UCI.

One thought on “Karen Tanenbaum

  1. Hello Dr. Karen Tanenbaum
    My name is Ardeshir Farzi and hold an MA in Industrial design, moreover, holding certificates from Domus Academy and Kobe Design University.

    Now I am teaching Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineering), Design Methodology, and Interactive Urban Furniture at Tehran University of Art for more than 2 years.

    Furthermore, I have worked for more than 9 years in designing exterior and interior spaces, user-centered products, interactive urban furniture, and platforms.

    I found you are interested in AI and Game Design that are roughly similar to my research proposal. I am eager to do research in the field of your team.

    My Research Proposal is about studying local opportunities for improving the user experience of Virtual Reality in Urban Environments. Thus, I decided to send you an email to inquire to consider me as a Ph.D. student.

    May I ask you please to take a look at my CV to give me feedback?

    If sending my research proposal may be helpful, please let me know.

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