Judith Gregory

Judith’s CV

Judith brings an extensive background in design research, participatory design methods, health information infrastructures and socio-cultural activity theory to the EVoKE lab and the UCI Informatics department. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of California, San Diego.

Judith has made impact in the worlds of design and informatics through several decades of experience as co-director of the PhD-Design program and research faculty in the Master in Design programs at IIT Institute of Design, faculty at the Institute of Informatics at University of Oslo, honorary professor in the PhD-Design program, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and honorary professor in Human-Centered Informatics at Aalborg University.

Her theoretical and research domain interests traverse new and enduring forms of data citizenship, living algorithmically, quantified & qualified selves, personal genomics, health informatics, translational science, science and technology studies, design and emotion, social inclusion and social sustainability, and complex adaptive systems.

As a Co-Director of EVOKE, Judith plays a critical advisory role in the lab vision and, together with Matt Bietz, spearheads lab engagements with the Quantified Self and personal genomics social and scientific movements.

Judith is also an affiliated researcher in the Intel Science & Technology Center on Social Computing.

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