Cory Knobel

Dr. Cory Knobel is a former faculty member of the UCI Department of Informatics, and the founding Executive Director of the EVOKE Lab & Studio. He is currently the Principal and CEO of Research At Work Consulting.

Cory is an interdisciplinary scholar with a background in literature, information science, complex systems, and science and technology studies. He holds a Ph.D. in Information from the University of Michigan.

Cory’s background also includes industrial consulting experience in human-computer interaction, web design standards, accessible technology design, technology policy, statistical analysis, and reputation and recommender systems design.

As Executive Director of the EVOKE Lab, Cory managed development of the lab’s project portfolio, grant strategies, resources, and day-to-day operations. His vision in designing the EVOKE Lab & Studio was driven by creating an open and active space for the entire UCI community to drop in, play, think, make, and come away with an exciting new understanding of social aspects of technology.

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