Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

Bodhi is an Assistant Project Scientist at the Department of Informatics, UCI. He is visiting from the University of Oslo, Norway, where he is SAMKUL postdoctoral fellow in the project “Synchronizing the World: Globalization and Multiple Times.” His current research in the field of history of science is on the entanglement of systems of medical knowledge in colonial Bengal in the genres of synchronization: encyclopedias, textbooks and periodicals, and the corresponding emergence of infrastructural technologies to support the circulation of these genres. His other main research interests are in the area of science fiction (sf) include worldbuilding for future cities, strategies of science fictionality in scientific literature, STS approaches to sf, genre theory, as well as the emergence of sf in colonial India. He has taught at the Universities of Delhi and Oslo, and also catalogued and curated the Tron Øgrim Science Fiction and Fantasy collections at the House of Literature, Oslo.

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