Bietz and Gregory speak at “Moving Genomics from Bench to Bedside” workshop

Judith Gregory
Judith Gregory presents at the Moving Genomics from Bench to Bedside workshop, Vancouver, BC.

EVOKE members Matthew Bietz and Judith Gregory were recently invited to speak at the Moving Genomics Research from Bench to Bedside: Science, Technology & Society Perspectives workshop on May 24, 2013. The workshop was hosted by Ellen Balka in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, with additional support from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and Genome BC. The workshop provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss clinical, legal, ethical, theoretical and infrastructural aspects of bringing genomics into clinical and personal health practices.

Bietz presented on his work with the Genomic Standards Consortium, a community standards development organization focusing on developing common formats for data production, description, analysis and exchange. Gregory presented on “The Quantified Self and Personal Genomics,” exploring the challenges and opportunities around personal genomic testing, self-tracking, and sharing personal data to create a public good.

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