The EVOKE Lab space is the home base for all of our working, conversations, whiteboarding, and general plans to change the world through better technology design. Housed in a generous space on the second floor of the UC-Irvine Calit2 building, we have turned what used to be a backroom storage space into a comfortable working lab.

There are four main sections to the Lab space, created to match the natural workflow of the HCI design process.

  • We have a space with comfortable couches and chairs, small tables. and a central table that is also a large sketching pad. This space also has an Apple TV and large screen television, so we can easily throw images from our laptops up to share during discussions. This is where the brainstorming and blue sky activities take place.
  • Next, we have an area for smaller meetings around the low table, where we can take and refine the results of brainstorming and formulate the action plans for advancing our research projects.
  • Halfway through the lab, we have a high table with comfortable chairs, along with Thundebolt and Asus monitors to hook up your own laptop, and a Cintiq 24HD multitouch monitor for doing professional-level design. We’ve outfitted this set of stations with full suites of Autodesk and Adobe design software to take research ideas and plans and turn them into spec’d-out conceptual designs that can move on to the building phase.
  • Finally, we have a few private stations at the end of the room for more persistent projects that need to live somewhere for a while without being moved around. Sometimes, students also use them as private study carrels – not separated from the lab, but just out of sight enough to get some good heads-down reading, writing, or sketching done.

The Lab has a wide range of equipment for anyone to come in, explore, learn how to use, and integrate into project work, and we welcome the entire campus community to share our resources! Some of the equipment stays in the Lab, but plenty is available to check out! Here’s a partial list of some of the interesting and provocative technologies we have available:


  • MacBook Pros
  • Dell Inspirons
  • Apple TV
  • Makerbot2 Replicator 3D printer
  • 3Doodler 3D pen
  • Arduino kits
  • Raspberry Pi kits
  • LeapMotion gestural controllers
  • Kinects
  • Pico projectors
  • HD Video cameras
  • GoPro and VEHO sport video cameras
  • Kurzweil 2600XS sampling audio workstation



  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Acrobat
    • AfterEffects
    • Audition
    • Bridge
    • Dreamweaver
    • Edge
    • Edge Code
    • Edge Inspect
    • Fireworks
    • Flash
    • GamingSDK
    • Illustrator
    • InCopy
    • InDesign
    • Lightroom
    • Muse
    • Photoshop
    • Prelude
    • Premiere
    • Scout
    • SpeedGrade



Software (continued):

  • Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate
    • Maya
    • 3DS Max
    • Softimage
    • MotionBuilder
    • Mudbox
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate
    • Inventor Professional
    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Electrical
    • AutoCAD Mechanical
    • AutoCAD Raster Design
    • AutoCAD Recap
    • Vault Basic
    • 3DS Max Design
    • Navisworks Simulate
    • Navisworks Manage
  • Axure Rapid Prototyping
  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Microsoft Office
  • Rhino3D
  • SketchUp


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