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Values in Design Fellows honored at iConference 2013

The 2013 iConference, held in Fort Worth, TX in mid-February, saw a number of entries from the Values in Design community. In the conference awards ceremony, two entries from VID-related work garnered top awards.

  • 2012 VID Fellow Jaime Synder of Syracuse University shared the award for best dissertation, entitled “Image-Enabled Discourse; Investigating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice.”
  • 2012 VID Fellows Amelia Acker (UCLA), Matt Burton (Michigan), Melissa Chalmers (Michigan), Thomas Lodato (Georgia Tech), and Grant Wythoff (Princeton), advised by EVOKE Executive Director Cory Knobel, received the Best Project Award in the Microsoft FUSE Labs Social Media Expo for AmpDamp, a physical dial knob and accompanying browser plugin that controls the “volume” of voices in social media newsfeeds. Read more about it here.

Also making appearances at the conference were:

  • 2012 VID Fellows Hale Thompson (UIUC), Jes Koepfler (Maryland), Katherine Sydenham (Michigan), and Anna Hoffman (UW-Milwaukee) with a poster from their VID 2012 Summer Workshop Project, “RealTalk: A Toolkit for Community Engagement, Transparency, and Mobile Governance.”
  • PhD student John Seberger (EVOKE) and Cory Knobel with a poster, “Emerging Configurations of Scholarly Communication.”
  • Cory Knobel with Leanne Bowler and Nora Mattern (University of Pittsburgh) with a poster, “Exploring Cyberbullying through Visual Narratives.”
  • Judith Gregory (EVOKE) and Stephen Slota (EVOKE) attending “Digital Youth Workshop: Calling all Designers, Researchers, and Policy Makers” as well as serving as representatives of the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Science at UC-Irvine.

Another notable event was the announcement that the UC-Irvine Department of Informatics will host the 2015 iConference, chaired by Professor Gary Olson, Donald Bren Chair of Information & Computer Science.

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